If your intention is walking the Camino in February, you should take into account some facts which are characteristic of this time of year.

So I suggest you should focus on some aspects which can be positive or negative depending on your personal way of doing the Camino.

Firstly, the weather is not the ideal because it is middle winter and it can be really tough in some parts of the Camino, especially those with heavy snow and extremely low temperature. Snow obscures trail markings, though roads and the walking routes are often obvious even under the maps. It can be also very rainy and windy.


Take the map route in your smartphone and figure out where you are. There are useful apps with a map and compass together. It is like a GPS.  If you had to signal for help, don´t panic. There are other pilgrims or locals nearby if your phone doesn´t work. It would be always a good idea to take a whistle with you (blowing three times in a row is the universal distress signal) in case there are other hikers who can hear it. Wearing bright- colored clothes is also highly recommended. However, if this means a challenge for you and you don´t mind walking in harsh conditions, it could be a really challenging and grateful experience.


Secondly, the “albergues” or  pilgrim hostels may be closed  in this time of year since the owners grasp the opportunity to rest or enjoy their own holidays.  This is one of the months with less visitors flow. Therefore, you will have to check in advance the hostels which are working or hire a travel agency which will do this task for you.

Consequently, there will be fewer pilgrims doing the Camino, although Camino Francés will be likely the most “crowded” owing to its popularity. This is an advantage for most of pilgrims since there are plenty of beds, no queues, no rush…Fewer guests means more time devoted to you. The route will be also quieter and more spiritual, the most similar to the medieval experience.


Don´t forget that you will have to pack differently in winter than in summer so this is part of your  in-advance job and you had better pay attention to what you would probably need in your walking routine during your route.

Enjoy the Camino in February, it could be a unique experience if you plan ahead.

Buen Camino,  amigos!

Anxo Saco