If you are on the Camino Francés or you are about to walk it, you will probably know the most architectonical “jewels” of the Camino: the cathedrals. Cathedrals were and, indeed, still are the seat of the bishop and a centre of worship and mission. Although the reason why you are doing your camino is […]

Have you got a craving for sweet foods? Then, Easter is your time for the Camino de Santiago. The Holy week or Easter is coming next week and this traditional festivity fills the Spanish tables with plenty of sweets and treats.  Most of these recipes are deep-rooted in Spanish and Galician traditions. Restaurants , bakeries, […]

Are you ready to walk your Camino in spring season? Spring can bring erratic weather behavior. After the winter break many albergues and hostels re-open to welcome pilgrims again so some months (mainly May and June) may start to get busier on the Camino Frances and Portuguese. The weather and landscape on the Camino de […]

If your intention is walking the Camino in February, you should take into account some facts which are characteristic of this time of year. So I suggest you should focus on some aspects which can be positive or negative depending on your personal way of doing the Camino. Firstly, the weather is not the ideal […]

According to the pilgrim´s office, more and more pilgrims are walking the Camino every year. The Pilgrim´s office provides the official data about the Camino and here you can check the influx data year by year or even month by month, the nationality of the pilgrims, the most popular routes and also, the starting points […]

Although everybody knows Camino Francés or French way, maybe you need to know about other Caminos and figure out which one is the most suitable for you. Each Camino has got different features and charms. You had better know a little about them before choosing which one is your next Camino. Here you have some […]

Christmas is an admired and festive celebration which Christians enjoy all over the world and it is even celebrated in many countries where Christianity is not the religion of the majority of people. Christmas trees are a popular decoration as are tiny sparkling lights in the streets and houses. However, this festivity is celebrated differently […]

Are you planning your Camino at Christmas? Maybe you should take some advice into account if you have taken such an unusual decision. Christmas is not high season on the Camino owing to the bad weather and to  holidays so  much private accommodation are likely to be closed  althought there is usually some places open, […]

More and more restaurants on the Camino have the so-called “Menú del Peregrino” or Pilgrim´s menu, and they offer discounts if you show your credential. Although, there are hostels which have a kitchen so there is also the chance of buying some food at the local groceries and supermarkets and cooking it. Some pilgrims make […]