Are you ready to walk your Camino in spring season?

Spring can bring erratic weather behavior. After the winter break many albergues and hostels re-open to welcome pilgrims again so some months (mainly May and June) may start to get busier on the Camino Frances and Portuguese.


The weather and landscape on the Camino de Santiago is really varied, not just from one region to another, but also from one city to the next town, even between places not that far from each other.  In this way, make sure you are well prepared thinking carefully how and what are you packing.

Some tips to remember:

  • RULE OF 10% WEIGHT. That means that your backpack should not be heavier than 10% of your body weight, but the best way to know is walking and testing in advance because some people comfortably carry much more.
  • WATER AND FOOD.  Remember that you will be carrying water and some food (snacks, nuts, fruit…).  This has to be taken into consideration when packing. There are many fountains and water springs on the Camino so you don´t have to carry a big quantity of water, 1 liter is sufficient in spring season.
  • CLOTHING LIST.  You know your needs better than anyone so think in underwear and light clothing such as leggings. However, spring can be cold and rainy in Spain, a warm fleece, a light-weight warm jacket and a light -weight rain poncho will be useful.  For your feet, you will need  a good pair of walking boots and a pair of light flip-flops for the shower. Some pilgrims consider to carry Teva Sandals or  Crocs  instead of flip-flops because you can use them not only in the shower but also on the Camino walking. Taking care of your feed is one of the most important points when packing since blisters and rash are really common.
  • MINIATURE TOILETRIES.  Your shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush in miniature size. You can buy them en-route if you run out of. A small roll-on deodorant, a tiny comb or hairbrush, a light towel.  Don´t forget sunscreen lotion.
  • ELECTRONIC DEVICES. Your smart phone will be your best ally. You will get everything in it.  A guidebook, GPS, compass,  music, camera.  Take an adaptor plug and a portable power bank.
  • SLEEPING TIME.  A lightweight sleeping bag  and maybe you need ear plugs ( you know snoring can be unbearable) and eye-mask.
  • FIRST AID. You had better take some first aid stuff such as band-aids, compeed, painkillers…

Weigh your backpack as you add items on your ‘wants’ list. You’ll be surprised how little you can take, how the small things add up. Don´t despair and try your best packing!

Buen Camino, amigos!

Anxo Saco

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