Camino Finisterre

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price: €475

Santiago does not have to be an end. If reaching Santiago is not enough, there is a so-called prolongation route to Finisterre (the official name is Fisterra) and even to Muxía. Before the Camino de Santiago was set as a Christian pilgrimage route, in the times where Iberian tribes and Celts were still living in the Iberian Peninsula, people used to travel to Finisterre, which Latin’s name means “Land’s End” and indeed was a World’s End for our European ancestors. The Land’s End was a symbolic place where the Sun was diving every day into the Ocean. This ancient pigrimage ritual was the expression of the devotion to the Sun. It is told that there was a Sun’s altar called “Ara Solis” on Cape Finisterre.

Day 1
Santiago de Compostela

You will start in the Obradoiro Square. Where other pilgrims finish, you begin your adventure.

Day 2

You will leave the Cathedral behind at your back descending through Rúa das Hortas. After small ups and downs you will meet the challenge of the day: Alto do Mar de Ovellas. Negreira is an enchanting place with its incredible bridge – Ponte Maceira.

Day 3

The longest stage of the short Camino: 30 km (18,5 miles) to walk. The route can be divided in 3 parts: 1st and most challenging – 12 km uphill until you reach Vilaserío; 2nd is the easy one until Santa Mariña (here you can finish if you choose the off-route accommodation), and the last 10 km difficult due to Monte Aro peak. Once you reach Fervenza reservoir, you will make out Olveiroa on the horizon.

Day 4

Today you will enjoy beautiful views offered by the Xallas river and its cascade. Two hermitages are on your way: A Nosa Señora das Neves and San Pedro Mártir. Once you get to Camiños Cháns (literally meaning the Flat Ways) you will already know how wonderful is your next stop. You’ve already reached the enchanted Atlantic coast.

Day 5
Fisterra – Finisterre.

Light and easy day, ideal to finish the Camino. You will follow along the Atlantic coast through a long line of beaches, with the best one – A Langosteira. Upon your arrival you must go to the lighthouse, stand on that sharp rock, give a long glance on the immense Ocean, breath deeply and feel like a master of the world.
Traditionally pilgrims used to burn their clothes and shoes once they reached Finisterre, today it is not considered very safe. Instead, follow the other tradition: the one of watching the Sun diving in the Ocean. Come back to the lighthouse or just seat on the beach and watch the sunset.

Standard Accommodation 5 nights
  • Hotels ** and ***
  • B&Bs ** and ***
  • Rural inns
per person sharing a double room from 340€
per person in a single room from 475€


Splits & Prolongation
Maroñas included transfer back and forth to Olveiroa per person sharing a double room 50€
per person in a single room 75€
Lires per person sharing a double room 50€
per person in a single room 75€
Muxía per person sharing a double room 50€
per person in a single room 75€


Extra nights
Santiago de Compostela per person sharing a double room 75€
per person in a single room 100€
Finisterre per person sharing a double room 75€
per person in a single room 100€


Luggage Transfers 25€ per each item of max 15 kg weight

Check Flights to Santiago, Vigo or A Coruña

Transport to Santiago (Taxi 1-3px)
Santiago Airport to Hotel 30€
Coruña Airport to Santiago de Compostela 150€
Vigo Airport to Santiago de Compostela 150€


Transport from Finisterre (Taxi 1-3px)
Fisterra or Muxía to Santiago (Center or Airport) 120€


The basic package includes:

  • Lodging in private inns: private room with en suite bathroom and breakfast included
  • Phone attention in Spain 24/7 while walking your Camino
  • Maps of the route and places where you will stop: online and paper version (guidebook by John Brierley)
  • Official pilgrim passport(s) – issued by Santiago’s Cathedral
  • Luggage tags (when booking a luggage transfer service)