Camino Travel Center, CIF 76813580C, travel agent license number XG336, travel agency located in Rúa República de El Salvador nº28 Entreplanta, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, provides its services as an intermediary between companies and private initiatives which offer and provide accommodation and transportation services along the Camino de Santiago in Spain and Portugal and the end customer, for promotion and sale of the following types of customized travel services and products (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”):

  • Accommodation in private establishments located along the Camino de Santiago or other places in Spain and Portugal
  • Private transportation in Camino de Santiago in Spain and Portugal
  • Information about Camino, travel guides, maps, reviews, forums, etc.

General Terms and Conditions between Camino Travel Center and the Customer:

    Camino Travel Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Agency”) offers its customers (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) access to its services’ offer through the website which use is subject to the unconditional acceptance of the General Conditions of this contract. To be able to access and use the web properly, the Customer shall fully accept the General Conditions. If the Customer does not agree with the General Conditions, he will not be entitled to use the website of the Company as a form of booking and purchasing the Agency’s Services.The Customer states that he is of legal age (that is, at least 18 years old) and has the necessary legal capacity to understand and apply the conditions of this agreement and shall use the website according to the General Conditions, which he fully acknowledges and understands.The Customer agrees to provide true, complete and updated information to access the booking system and contact information available through the Agency’s website. The technical organization of this program has been carried out by the Agency.

    • The plan of the route:suggested stages and stops on the route, the physical distances between the stages.
    • General information/suggestions regarding preparations for the pilgrimage:i.e. weather forecast, recommendation about the suggested equipment, the public transport or alternative ways of getting to the starting point or of travelling back from Santiago.
    • Information about the type of the accommodation:touristic category and prices, extras included and not included in the price (i.e. food, beverages, etc.).


    • The exact plan of the route (printable).
    • Maps (printable).
    • Printable list of names, locations and contact details of the establishments that will be providing accommodation and transport services, including e-mails and telephone numbers. This list should be used at the same time as voucher as it entitles its holder to the use of the contracted and enlisted services. Each list is personal and contains the name of the holder.
      The service provider might require checking also the personal document (IDN or passport) to make sure the holder of the list is the person who contracted the service.
    • The contact mobile phone of the agency in Spain for emergency cases.
    • PURCHASE OF CUSTOMIZED SERVICESThe purchase of customized services is carried out once the e-mail contact is established between the Customer and the Agency’s legal sales representative. The Customer interested in purchasing the Agency’s customized service should contact the Agency by e-mail (the e-mail address is provided on the website). The Agency will reply to the Customer providing the information required and the conditions of the service, which the Customer may accept or decline. In case of acceptance the form of final payment will be agreed between the Customer and the Agency.The contract is formalized when the Service has been confirmed, the contracting party has accepted the General Conditions of the contract and due payment has been received.
    • PURCHASE OF SERVICES SOLD AS “SPECIAL OFFERS”The purchase of the “Special Offers” is carried out through the Agency’s website and all purchase operations are exclusively deposits. The remaining part of payment corresponding to the total cost of the Service required by the Customer will be executed once the e-mail contact between the Customer and the person legally representing the Agency is established and the Customer’s identity and travel plan details are confirmed. The form of final payment will be agreed between the Customer and the Agency.The contract is formalized when the Service has been confirmed, the contracting party has accepted the General Conditions of the contract and due payment has been received.
    The price of the Services is always calculated based on the exchange rates, accommodation and transport costs, cost of fuel and levies and taxes applicable on the date of its notification to the Customer via e-mail.The prices of customized Services are calculated based on the approximated costs of accommodation and transportation services and agency fees published on the website. Any variation in the price of the aforementioned elements may require a review of the final price, which could imply an increase or decrease of the original price.The consumer will be notified of these variations by e-mail or by any other efficient means of communication.If the price review should imply a considerable increase of the original price (higher than 20% of the initial approximated budget communicated by the e-mail), the consumer is entitled to cancel the service without any penalty fees, except the amount of the deposit or to accept the amendment of the contract. The price will under no circumstance be reviewed for confirmed reservations, after the payment for the Service is already made and up to fifteen days prior to the departure date.
    The payment corresponding to the Services offered by the Agency should be always made according to the payment form agreed between the Customer and the Agency.It is not allowed for the Customer to pay for the Services provided by the Company directly in the establishments where the accommodation or transportation services have been booked and after the beginning of the Customer’s travel.The Agency reserves its right to establish the deadlines for the payment, of which the Customer will be informed both on the Agency’s website and during the exchange of the e-mail correspondence between both sides.All payments should be received and confirmed by the Company in advance, not later than fifteen days before the Customer’s travel starting date, having previously the contact between the Customer and the Agency been established and having the will of purchasing the Agency’s Services been communicated by the Customer not later than thirty days before the travel’s starting date for the customized combined accommodation services or fifteen days for the stand-alone services.
    • The prices, levies or taxes quoted by service direct providers such as accommodation establishments (hotels and guest houses) and transportation providers.
    • Indirect taxes (V.A.T. – Local Sales Taxes) when applicable.
    • Agency fees depending on regime and number of nights at the establishment according to contract, or equivalent in the event of substitution of any service.
    • Telephone assistance 24/7 during the Customer’s travel.
    • In certain cases, such as the loss of Customer’s personal documentation during the travel, the guarantee of testifying the Customer’s identity by the Agency before the service providers such as accommodation establishments or transportation companies. To enable this service the Customer should provide to the Agency the copy of his passport or identity document before beginning the travel.
    • All the services and complements specified in the applicable itineraries. The Agency is the only party that can provide the correct interpretation of the services included in the journey, which means that, in the event of doubt, the user must consult the Agency before the journey begins, in order to prevent subsequent claims.
    Luggage transport, visas, vaccination certificates, extra expenses such as extra meals and beverages, special diets and laundry service. Nor does the price include optional hotel services such as parking, TV rental or any other items that are not specified in the contract.

      The quality and content of the services provided by the hotels, guest houses (pensiones and hostales) and pilgrims hostels (albergues) will be determined by the assigned official category and will be subject to administrative control.

      The current legislation is only applicable for single and double rooms in hotels and guest houses, which in the latter case sometimes allows a third bed to be placed in the room. An extra bed can be placed in a double room if requested by the Customer and the accommodation must be specified as a triple room on the confirmation, voucher and/or any other travel documents applicable to the reservation. In private pilgrims’ hostels (albergues) the legislation is only applicable for beds in shared dormitories.

      Times. – The check-in time is from 13.00 hours. In most cases the reservations are guaranteed up until 20.00 hours. If you think that you will arrive later, please contact the Agency or the establishment directly. If you fail to notify the Agency or the establishment of the late arrival, the establishment is entitled to rent out the room/s or apartment/s to another guest if necessary.


      The quality and content of the services provided by the casas de turismo rural will be determined by the assigned official category and will be subject to administrative control.

      The current legislation is applicable for single, double or multiply rooms or to the rental of the entire establishment depending on the conditions applied by its owners.

    The Agency offers services as an agent for the contracting of travel transfers for individuals or groups. Agency’s sole responsibility is as an agent for the parties concerned. Upon entering into a contact with the Customer, the Agency will undertake the necessary formalities to contract the transfer service. This contract shall be deemed confirmed once the service supplier accepts the transfer request and the Agency notifies the customer of this acceptance.The transportation services consist on the rental of vehicle with a local driver. The Agency does not perform as an agent in car only rental.The transportation services booked by the Agency are corresponding to personal transfer (persons + luggage) between two particular places (place of departure and arrival) within the dates and hours previously agreed and confirmed both by the Costumer and the Agency.

      • The transfer modalities are the following:

    Private taxi rental

      • Passengers’ limit: 4 peopleLuggage limit: 1 bag/suitcase per person + hand luggageb.

    Private bus rental

      • Minimum number of passengers: 5 peopleNo luggage limit.

    Both services include a transfer between the places that have been previously agreed. The service of transportation and/or baggage collection in other places that have not been previously stipulated between the Agency and the Customer may imply extra costs.

    Change of route or schedule requested at the time of the execution of the service may also imply extra costs.

    All changes should be immediately communicated to the Agency by e-mail or telephone in order to establish and agree new conditions of the service.


    If the Consumer should cancel or modify his reservation, he must contact the Agency by phone or by sending an e-mail to the address that he received with his booking confirmation at least 48 working hours prior to the departure date.Accommodation and transportation cancellation expenses are subject to the general Spanish legislation, Art.160 of Royal Legislative Decree 01/2007 of November 16th.The Consumer is allowed to rescind or modify the contract at any time and he will be entitled to a refund of the total price or the paid deposit, but he must recompense the Company according to the following conditions, unless such termination occurs by Force Majeure, that is, circumstances beyond the party’s control, that are extraordinary and unforeseeable, the consequences of which could not have been avoided in spite of all the diligence applied:

      • All agency administration fees, plus cancellation fees, if applicable and a penalization consisting of 5% of the total amount of the Service costs if the cancellation occurs more than ten and less than fifteen days prior to the starting date of travel; 15% if the cancellation occurs between three an ten days prior to the starting date; and 25% if the cancellation occurs within 48 hours prior to departure.
      • If the customer isn’t present on starting point at the time of the beginning of the first purchased service, he will not be entitled to any refunds of the sum paid, except for extraordinary circumstances as Force Majeure or if the involved parties have made other agreement.
      • If the consumer cannot participate in the journey due to a justified reason, he may assign his reservation to a person who meets all the conditions required for the trip. Assignor and assignee will jointly be held liable to the Agency for payment of the service, as well as the additional expenses caused by the contract assignment. In order for the assignment to be valid, the additional expenses arising from the assignment must be paid.
      If the Customer decides to leave the hotel or the accommodation establishment before the check out date of the contract, the Agency cannot be held responsible for any refunds. In the case of No Show the hotel or the accommodation establishment or the direct service provider will apply its own cancellation policy.If the Customer decides to modify his travel dates, he must contact the Agency by phone or by sending an e-mail to the address that he received with his booking confirmation at least 48 working hours prior to the departure date.

    Every modification to a schedule communicated once the service is paid and confirmed by the Agency, will have an additional fee of €12.

    The Agency undertakes to provide its customers with all the contracted services according to the conditions previously given by the Agency and accepted by the Customer.The obligation is waived when Force Majeure occurs.If it is impossible for the Company or the direct service provider to provide a contracted service after the contract has been formalized, the consumer will be entitled to choose between another service of equivalent or superior quality, if the Agency is able to provide this, or total reimbursement of the sums paid.Compensation may not be claimed for breach of contract when its cancellation arises due to sufficient causes or Force Majeure.If there is breach or bad fulfillment of the services provided amounting to more than 50% of the price of the journey, which has not been caused by sufficient causes or Force Majeure, the Agency or the service provider shall supply the Customer with other adequate solutions. The solutions provided shall not imply any surcharges for the consumer and the Company and/or the service provider should pay any difference in price between the services foreseen and those supplied. If no solution can be provided or if the consumer, for any valid reason, doesn’t accept the provided solution, the Agency must under all circumstances provide the consumer with a reimbursement of the sums paid.
    Responsibility with regard to consumers for proper execution of the obligations arising from the travel package is determined by art. 162 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16th. If there is a failure to provide, or if the contracted services are badly fulfilled on the destination, the consumer must immediately notify the Agency and/or the service provider within the term of 48 working hours, in order for the relevant measures to be taken. Failure to notify the Agency/service provider will imply that the consumer himself is able to prove the lack of service fulfillment before the Tourist Board and/or relevant court of law, as it would be impossible for the Agency/service provider to verify and confirm the veracity of the consumer’s statements and there would be no possibility to achieve a satisfactory solution for all the parties involved.In the event of an accident, when the transport is carried out by service provider, whatever country this takes place in, the traveler submits to the laws of road traffic accidents applicable to the country in which the vehicle is licensed. In the case of personal injury the traveler has the right to the terms and conditions of the vehicle’s insurance and the relevant compensation plan provided for that purpose and the parties concerned, beneficiaries and/or legal representatives will be compensated in the country where the vehicle is licensed and according to its legal tender. The Agency shall not be held responsible for passport, visa or health requirements for entry to the destination country or for connecting flights booked by the Customer, including the validity and veracity of the required documentation. It is mandatory for passengers contracting any service from our company to obtain information about the immigration requirements and what documentation is needed according to their own personal or legal situation. As well the traveler must make sure that he/she has the necessary identifying documentation according to the country he travels to and the corresponding airlines.
    The Agency does its utmost with the resources available to provide true information and content on the website without typographical or language usage errors. If any error were to arise, beyond the will of the Agency, the error shall immediately be corrected. If there is a typographical error in any of the prices displayed and a customer has decided to make a reservation based on that error, the Agency will take responsibility for that error and honor the purchase, except in cases where the difference in price is so disproportionate to the average online market price for this product that it should be blatantly obvious to the average person; all in an endeavor to avoid unjust enrichment and misuse of consumers’ rights, as set out in existing legislation. Nor shall the Agency be held responsible for inadequate use of the service offered on the website due to defective configuration of the user’s computer equipment or insufficient capacity to support the necessary computer systems to use the services offered. Links may be provided on this web site to other webs of which the Agency has no control and cannot be held responsible for.
  • Any legal dispute has to be filled Santiago de Compostela Court of justice
    • The user agrees to receive electronic communications with advertising and commercial news from the Agency of the products or services it commercializes or promotes. If the user would like to cancel the subscription of these newsletters he is asked to contact the Agency using the e-mail contact details provided on the website.
    • All the content, trademarks, logos, drawings, etc., provided on the web of the Camino Travel Center, are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights, patents, trademarks and copyright held by the company, that are expressly reserved by the Camino Travel Center or, if appropriate, by the individuals or companies recorded as the authors or holders of the rights. Breach of the preceding rights will be pursued under the laws in force. It is thus prohibited to reproduce, exploit, alter, distribute or publicly broadcast by any means, all the content of the web owned by the Camino Travel Center, other than legitimate use of information or when purchase of services has been made by the user. In all cases, prior written consent from the company will be required.
    • The user accepts that the governing laws applicable to any purchase are the laws of Spain. The Camino Travel Center reserves the right to make the appropriate changes under the terms and conditions established in the general consumers defense act 1/2007 and the regulations governing travel agents in the region of Galicia in Spain.
    • Data sent and shared by the user on the web of the Camino Travel Center is protected by the latest electronic security technology. The data that is submitted and stored in our databases are also protected by security technologies that prevent any unauthorized access from third parties. If the party to the contract wishes to accede, update or cancel his data according to Organic Act 15/1999 of 13 September on Personal Data Protection, he may exercise these rights by e-mail to the address provided on the website. The Camino Travel Center does its utmost to keep its systems up-to-date to ensure the effectiveness of its security systems.
    • Links to other web sites on the pages of the Camino Travel Center, are offered to the user for information purposes only, thus the Agency shall not be held responsible for the products, services or contents offered or supplied on linked pages located on another domain.
    • If a user would like to register as a customer of the Camino Travel Center he is required to acknowledge and accept these general terms and conditions. When making a purchase of a service or a package holiday through the Camino Travel Center website, the customer shall also accept the general conditions.
    • Our website uses ad servers in order to provide the advertising content the user sees on our pages. The ad servers use cookies that allow them to adapt the advertising content to the demographic profiles of the users. If you would like to know more about the use of cookies and information gathering practices and procedures for the user’s acceptance or rejection, please contact with us. Personal information is under no circumstances obtained through these cookies.
    • If any clause included in these general conditions is declared fully or partially null or ineffective, this clause will be replaced with the valid general terms and conditions.
    • The website in available in English and in future there will be efforts made in order to translate it also to other languages.
  • Currently the e-mail communication between the Camino Travel Center and the Customer can be held in the following languages: English, Spanish, Galician, Portuguese and Polish.