Have you got a craving for sweet foods? Then, Easter is your time for the Camino de Santiago.

The Holy week or Easter is coming next week and this traditional festivity fills the Spanish tables with plenty of sweets and treats.  Most of these recipes are deep-rooted in Spanish and Galician traditions.

Restaurants , bakeries, cafés and cake shops offer to pilgrims a huge variety of these sweet delicacies.  All the pastry shops line their windows with colorful holiday treats.

You should definitely try torrijas.  You will find them everywhere and they are so simple as delicious. They consist on slices of bread soaked in milk, sugar and egg, fried in olive oil. Instead of soaking the bread in milk, a Spanish torrija can also be soaked in wine!

Buñuelos  are also a very easy dessert to make. They are a delicacy eaten in many parts of the world.  They are basically fried dough balls covered with cinnamon and sugar.  You need ingredients like water, milk , egg and yeast.

Easter Flowers are both tasty and eye-catching. They are  fried and they are everywhere since they are very traditional and popular. They are delicate with a sweet and crunchy texture.

Pestiños are very popular in the of Spain. They are pieces of fried dough, soaked in spiced honey and aniseed aroma.  It is said that pestiños are dated  from 1500s.

Leche frita is also really popular and most of grannies have their own recipe. It is a sweet and cold milk pudding. Delicious choice if you are walking the Camino Francés.

Bollos the Semana Santa. They are hot cross buns and are made with sesame seed, almonds and cinnamon.
The Bolo de Pascua (Easter Bun), also known as bolo de ovos (Egg Bun) in Galicia is very traditional, consisting of bread and baked eggs in shell, is made in the regions of O Salnés and Caldas during this season. It was a typical tradition of this time that the godparents would give their godchildren the bolo and the godmothers the rosca (a traditional sponge ring-shaped cake)

Nun´s sighs. Convents in Spain were famous for the delicate sweets that were produced within its walls. Nun’s Sighs or “Suspiros de Monja” is an example of these traditional desserts. They are golden and crispy on the outside and rich and creamy on the inside. A thick batter is prepared and spoonfuls are fried, then sprinkled with powdered sugar .

Enjoy any of them or all of them!

Buen Camino, amigo!

Anxo Saco