It´s May, the time of year that xestas blossom but a xesta is more than a bush for many locals. If you are walking Portuguese camino, you will see it everywhere even on local car bumpers.


Maybe you already know that indeed a xesta is the common broom or Scotch broom.  It is a kind of bush that has vivid yellow pea-like flowers, its blooming is profuse and very show. However, a xesta is also an amulet or charm for many Galician and Portuguese people. It is supposed to be effective against evil eye. That´s why on 1st May people from Rias Baixas and   villages  of Pontevedra hurry for placing a xesta branch/twig  on their cars bumpers, boats,  shops, front doors or windows.


Besides, Galician houses are swept with xestas on Saint John´s day (on 24th June) to purify and protect them against evil spirits.

On the other hand, the yellow flower of a xesta is also a flower of lovers. Traditionally boys give their beloved a bouquet or a twig and if she accepted the declaration of love, she should tie the little twig around her ring finger.


It is likely that you come across with a Maio festival if you are walking the Portuguese camino. It consists on a festival which welcomes this month. Locals, especially children, usually make a cone with flowers (xestas included) and they sing and dance around it.


Traditions are interesting and observe what happens around you on your Camino is part of you pilgrimage, don´t miss it!

Buen camino, amigo!

Anxo Saco


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