1st Stage Camino Portuguese: Porto – Tui

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: €620

This part of the Portuguese route leads from Porto to Tui – the town located on the border between Portugal and Spain, or better to say Spanish Galicia. Here you will experience one week of trekking through the Northern Portugal. Green forests and hills, historical towns and villages – Portugal like you never imagined it.

Day 1

The gem of the Northern Portugal, located at the bank of Douro river, gave a name to the kingdom of Portucale which in XII century became an independent country: Portugal. The city of the bridges, the magical place where the sweet Port wine comes from, offers to the visitors many attractions: the Cathedral, Clérigos tower, old-style bookstores, museums, the House of Music and many more, always combining the spirit of decadence with the most modern architecture and arts.

Day 2
São Miguel de Arcos

Leaving Porto is not easy. To avoid the struggle to find the way out of the busy city, it would be better to take a metro / quick train to Maia and begin your walk there. This way the first 20 km (13 miles) will be bearable.

Day 3

The colorful rooster from Barcelos (Galo de Barcelos) is today’s well know symbol of Portugal. There is a legend according to which the rooster sung after being roasted to prove the innocence of a poor pilgrim accused of a theft. Curiously enough, the same legend exists in Santo Domingo de la Calzada, on the French Route. Who could tell today where did it really happen, in Spain or in Portugal?

Day 4

The experienced pilgrims decide to walk 33 km (21 miles) that separate Barcelos from Ponte de Lima in one day. We do not recommend this. We offer you a split in the most wonderful place of the whole Portuguese Route, located only 1 km off-route. Our pilgrims who are Tolkien fans called it “the Portuguese Rivendell”. ☺ Be prepared for a surprise.

Day 5
Ponte de Lima

The ancient writers considered the river Lima (Limia – meaning “the border”) the coursed river – the river of oblivion. Once crossed, it would make the people forget their families and homeland. Nowadays we can guarantee that upon crossing the Roman bridge over the river, such thing will not happen to the modern pilgrims. ☺

Day 6

The hardest day on the Camino. A little bit of climbing in Labruja hills will be unavoidable.

Day 7

The last day in Portugal. If in the future you will miss Portugal, it means you’ve just learned to feel “saudade”. Portuguese people proudly say that the word “saudade” could and should not be translated into other languages. It is that feeling of missing home and longing your people with the typical Portuguese note of melancholy. You will finish your Camino crossing the bridge on the Minho river which is the border between Portugal and Spanish Galicia; the border that separates countries but not the common Galician-Portuguese culture.

Standard Accomodation .
  • Hotels ** and ***
  • B&Bs ** and ***
  • Rural inns
per person sharing 375€
single supplement 245€


Extra nights
Porto per person sharing 75€
single supplement 25€
Tui per person sharing 50€
single supplement 25€


1 bag 2 bags
Luggage Transfer, included taxi from Porto to Maia 100€ 120€

Check Flights to Porto and Vigo

Transport to the starting point (Taxi 1-4px)
Porto airport to hotel 25€
Vigo Airport to Porto 120€


Transport from Tui (Taxi 1-4px)
Tui to Vigo Airport 35€
Tui to Porto Airport 120€


The basic package includes:

  • Lodging in private inns: private room with en suite bathroom and breakfast included
  • Phone attention in Spain 24/7 while walking your Camino
  • Maps of the route and places where you will stop: online and paper version (guidebook by John Brierley)
  • Official pilgrim passport(s) – issued by Santiago’s Cathedral
  • Luggage tags (when booking a luggage transfer service)