Would you like to end your Camino in a different way? Here a new proposal for adventurous pilgrims!

My proposal consists on hiring a car for 2 days and visiting 7 outstanding  medieval towns in Galicia, some of them belong to Camino Portugués, Camino Francés, Camino Santiago-Finisterre, Camino Inglés, Camino de la Plata or Camino Primitivo.


This selection of 7 Galician towns frozen in time are the best option to relax and enjoy the wonders of this beautiful country.

The proposed route begins in Santiago de Compostela:

Starting point from Santiago de Compostela> 1. A Ponte Maceira> 2. Combarro> 3. Tui> 4. Allariz> 5. Vilamor> 6. O Cebreiro> 7. Mondonedo.

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In the map below you can watch Galicia and explore the selected villages (red points).

A brief summary to travel the route and distances:

Departure from Santiago de Compostela. Ponte Maceira distance is only 20 km, a good way to start a tour by car in the early morning.

  1. A Ponte Maceira. It is a small riverside village in the place of Portor, which becomes a beautiful natural landscape. The distance from Ponte Maceira to Combarro is 75 kilometers.


  1. A seaside town that is faithful representative of a type of building characteristic of Galicia: the granaries (small air barns), used by locals for curing and storing corn and grains. The distance from Combarro to Tui is 56 kilometers.


  1. Tui is a quite bigger town in the province of Pontevedra, almost on the border with Portugal, where is one of the most striking cathedrals of Galicia. Tui is 114 kilometres away from Allariz.


  1. This is one of the most pinturesque and well-preserved towns in Galicia, it has got its main old town virtually intact, with its streets and buildings made of granite. Its exemplary refurbishment was awarded the Europa Nostra Award, and today the village is a model of sustainable Galician tourism. Its museums make up a small network that – along with strengthening the ‘con encanto’ (charming) hospitality industry and the affection with which the banks of the river are treated – attracts thousands of visitors. Upon leaving the Old Town, it is worth taking a look at the Romanesque bridge of Vilanova. The distance from Allariz to Vilamor is 111 kilometers.


  1. Vilamor is a rustic town that has changed very little beyond its stone houses and cobbled streets. The distance from Vilamor to O Cebreiro is 38 kilometers.


  1. O Cebreiro is a village 1,333 meters above sea level, and the first Galician town of Camino Francés in Camino de Santiago. O Cebreiro is popular for its traditional “pallozas”(traditional buildings of the oval floor plan covered by a conical plant shape roof ). O Cebreiro is 128 kilometers from Mondoñedo.


  1. Mondoñedo is located in the North of the province of Lugo, and it was the ancient capital of one of the Galician historical provinces until 1833. Mondoñedo keeps much of its heritage.


The total distance to drive up here is 542 kilometers. The recommended way to distribute this tour is in two or three days). Undoubtedly, it will be a way of knowing the rural Galicia and especially simulating and experiencing a journey to past time.

Enjoy this proposal.

Buen Camino, amigos!

Anxo Saco.