Padrón is a small town between Pontevedra and Santiago on the Portuguese Camino. This Galician town was born in 10th century and it is currently known as the birthplace of the popular Padrón peppers. The interesting legend of Padrón and Santiago. Padrón is absolutely connected to Santiago de Compostela. In fact, Jacobean tradition has its […]

Pontevedra is a town on the original Camino Portuguese and its origin is linked to its strategic location, firstly because it was a Roman town and secondly because of the medieval route of the Camino Portuguese to Santiago. Pontevedra had its heyday during the XV and XVI centuries, thanks to its port and Sardine fishing, […]

  The Portuguese Camino is the second most popular camino in terms of numbers of pilgrims. As we have already said in other posts, the whole Portuguese Camino has its starting point in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. However, most  pilgrims start their trip from Portugal’s second largest city, Porto or from the Portuguese-Spanish […]

What and where is Porto? Porto or Oporto is one of the last undiscovered European metropolises. It is in the North of Potugal, located at the bank of Douro river, so that´s the name “ O Porto”, the port. This is called the city of bridges and well-known by its sweet Port wine. Mix monuments […]

2016 has been the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy according to Catholic traditions. Therefore, if pilgrims walk the Camino on a Holy Year or during the Year of Mercy and they get into the Cathedral of Santiago through the Holy Door or Door of Mercy, they will be given Catholic indulgence. On the 13th of […]

As an alternative to the interior Portuguese Route, there is also the Portuguese Route which leads by the Atlantic coast from Porto to Santiago.  Magnificent landscapes, undiscovered places, sandy beaches,  less pilgrims than in other caminos are the main appealing. This camino offers new  feelings and experiences to those who have  already walked Camino Frances […]

A successful movie engages more Germans on the Camino de Santiago I´m Off Then: Losing and Finding Myself on the Camino de Santiago has become one of this year´s most anticipated German films and the second highest grossing movie in Germany in October 2016 . The movie is based on the hugely successful book of […]

The Camino is not just a simple trip, but consists of learning experiences that involve transformative learning. Pilgrims develop confidence and independence and undergo the examination to discover their true selves, the trust in others, and the behavior-oriented approach for individual change after the travel experience. The Camino leads to the experience of nature, freedom […]

The Camino de is one of the most popular routes for walking as well as for cycling in Europe. Most pilgrims feel attrated by wishing to challenge themselves in a new adventure and they want to admire the wonderful scenery that Spain usually has to offer. If you are thinking in cycling the Camino and you are […]