Is the Camino Primitivo a good alternative to other caminos? The Camino Primitivo is the original pilgrim to Santiago, which starts only  at about  300km from Santiago de Compostela. The Camino Primitivo is perfect for those wishing a more challenging alternative to the popular Camino Frances.  A journey through quiet unspoilt landscapes and charming medieval […]

Saint James´wort (Jacobaea Vulgaris or Jacobaea Secenio), also known as herba de Santiago in Spain,  is one of the wild plants whose properties have been used for centuries by pilgrims to try to heal the possible ailments of the walkers. It’s found widely distributed throughout all the Caminos de Santiago, growing along roadsides and in […]

Maybe you are walking the Camino de Santiago on 9th April this year and you see local people wearing their best clothes on Sunday and having a palm or an olive branch. That´s because it is Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter, and marks the beginning of Holy Week, the week of […]

In this first edition there will be up to 10 teams of 10 participants that will go through 785 kilometers that separate Roncesvalles from Santiago.  That will be done in six stages that are ending in the following towns: Logroño, Burgos, León, Ponferrada, Sarria and Santiago. Sponsored by COE (Spanish  Olympic Committee), the relay race […]

Many people walk the Camino de Santiago for different reasons: faith, culture, sport, hobby, a way of getting rid of your daily routine … but the truth is that something as simple as picking up your backpack and leaving for a few days to get away from the world, can help you to forget about […]

  We have been posting several towns and villages lately and I have just realized that many of them were places where old pilgrims stopped to relax or cure their wounds. Long ago, the Romans knew about the curative properties of Spain’s thermal springs.  Many of these are in the north of the country, at […]