If you have decided to walk alone, you do not need to walk the Camino in fear.  The Camino in Spain is one of the safest places in Europe, and it is likely that you will never encounter a threat of any kind. Pilgrims are easily recognized in the cities, towns, and even little villages […]

The Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago came to life around a thousand years ago when pilgrims from all over Europe came to the Apostle’s tomb for spiritual and religious reasons. Nowadays people travel the route for religious, academic, artistic and sporting reasons, or simply to enjoy the great monumental, landscape and cultural wealth. Walking the Pilgrims’ […]

The seasons on the Spanish and Portuguese Caminos are divided into three-months period, and spring is from 20th March to 21st June. The seasons are usually a general guide about what is “supposed to” happen with the weather. It should be noted that weather conditions in Spain are variable and walkers do not always experience […]

Where is O Cebreiro on the Camino? Look  at the map and you will find out that O Cebreiro is the starting point in Galicia. O Cebreiro is about 155 kilometres to Santiago The pastoral village of O Cebreiro marks the start of the final leg of the Way of St. James, through Galicia as […]

Elías Valiña Sampedro was one of the most important figures in the revival of the modern pilgrimage to Santiago. He was the pastor of O Cebreiro, a nice Galician Village that has become more and more popular among pilgrims, who never want to miss this mountain enclave of the French route. Originally from Sarria, although […]

Whatever your reason is for walking the Camino, you will be beguiled by its landscape and the feeling of adventure. Once you have started you are likely to get addicted to the daily rhythm of this wonderful journey. As we have already revised the 1st stage of Camino Frances in the last post, we are […]

The Codex Calixtinus The Codex Calixtinus is a 12th -century manuscript jewel, considered the first and most famous guide to the Camino of Santiago. It is attributed to Pope Callixtus II and it is also known as Liber Sancti Jacobi or the Book of Saint James. It was intended as a guide or advice for […]

This first stage is usually walked in 8 days. Your first steps on the Camino de Santiago are along both French and Spanish parts of the Basque Country and Navarra. You will cross the outstanding  Pyrenees, visit Pamplona and you will eventually arrive in La Rioja, a region well- known for its food and red […]

Many pilgrims decide to start a new Camino in Santiago de Compostela. This is a nice option to finish your adventure if you are still willing to or you have enough time to do it.  It is the Camino Santiago–Finisterre. If you make up your mind to walk this Camino toward Costa da Morte and […]