Many pilgrims ask this question. The answer might seem easy, but… Different pilgrims walk the Camino for very different reasons. Many of them seek for solitude; others will look forward for meeting other people and for enjoying the company. Some will be concerned with the weather, other will adapt to whatever falls from the sky. […]

Our trip starts in Porto – the departure point for many pilgrims who begin in Portugal. As a departure point it becomes a great incentive, so we believe we did well coming early. It is worth to spend a few hours running across its streets, discovering its enchanting cafés and to start exercise our legs […]

Before the fact of the discovery of the Saint James grave in 813 became worldwide and famous, the news spread around locally. The very first people who heard about the miracle were the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Galicia whose territories were the lands of the today’s Autonomous Community of Galicia, part of Asturias and […]