2nd stage Camino Primitivo: Lugo – Santiago

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Price: €550

The second part of the Original Way leaves behind Asturian mountains and centers itself in the rural Galicia. In Melide the route merges with the crowded French Way.

Day 1

Lugo is one of the 7 biggest towns in Galicia and it is the only city in the world to be surrounded by completely intact Roman walls, which reach a height of 10 to 15 metres (33 to 49 ft) along a 2,117-metre (6,946 ft) circuit. Before you start a real walking, a short evening walk along the top of the walls will be a unique experience to get a taste of this medieval town.

Day 2
O Burgo de Negre

A nice and green stage on the Camino – 22 km (13,5 miles). You will leave Lugo through the oldest gate in the Roman wall. On your way you will see a few small churches. You will enjoy the rural Galician environment and the freshness of the air.

Day 3

Today you will follow your route to Melide and join the pilgrims who are walking the French Route. Once in Melide you should search for a place called “pulpería” to taste the Galician specialty – the boiled octopus.

Day 4

Today you will make it to Arzúa – famous for its regional cheese, so if you fancy a small tasting, ask for “queso” in Spanish or even better for “queixo” in Galician. Like Spanish wines, it has its certificate of origin: Arzúa-Ulloa.

Day 5

The most important detail of this penultimate stage is the chapel dedicated to Saint Irene. The baroque fountain is famous for its healing waters.

Day 6
Santiago de Compostela

Among the patches of eucalyptus and oaks you will meet the last villages belonging to O Pino. From the top of Monte do Gozo hill you will get the first view of Santiago de Compostela. Here begins a city tour that ends at the foot of the Baroque facade of the Cathedral. The Obradoiro Square is the end and the beginning. Congratulations! You’ve just made it!

Standard Accommodation 6 nights
  • Hotels ** and ***
  • B&Bs ** and ***
  • Rural inns
per person sharing a double room 385€
per person in a single room 550€



Extra nights
Lugo per person sharing a double room 75€
per person in a single room 100€
Santiago de Compostela per person sharing a double room 75€
per person in a single room 100€


1 or more bags
Luggage Transfer 40€ per each item up to 15 kg weight

Check Flights to Santiago and A Coruña

Transport to Lugo (Taxi 1-3px)
From A Coruña Airport to Lugo 120€
From Santiago Airport to Lugo 150€


Transport from Santiago (Taxi 1-3px)
Hotel to Santiago Airport 30€
Santiago to A Coruña Airport 120€
Santiago to Vigo Airport 150€


The basic package includes:

  • Lodging in private inns: private room with en suite bathroom and breakfast included
  • Phone attention in Spain 24/7 while walking your Camino
  • Maps of the route and places where you will stop: online and paper version (guidebook by Cicerone)
  • Official pilgrim passport(s) – issued by Santiago’s Cathedral
  • Luggage tags (when booking a luggage transfer service)