1st stage Camino Primitivo: Oviedo – Lugo

  • Camino
  • Duration: 11 days
  • Price: €920

The first part of the Original Way will take you from the medieval Oviedo through the rugged mountains of Asturias. Along the way you will enjoy the magnificent views and face many ups and downs of the solitary scenery

Day 1

You should start your pilgrimage visiting the San Salvador Cathedral in the heart of Oviedo. The same king Alfonso II who inaugurated the Christian tradition of pilgrimage to Santiago ordered the construction of the Cathedral in Oviedo. Today’s shape of the Cathedral is Gothic and the most outstanding element is its tower.

Day 2
Grado – Sestiello

Once you leave Oviedo you will cross a medieval bridge, Puente de Gallegos, and you will face the first (and only that day) hill – Escamplero. The remaing part is easier, descending, but you might feel tired. The total distance is 26 km (16 miles).

Day 3

This stage is quite easy and the great surprise will expect you upon the arrival to Salas. Salas – the enchanting medieval village will be a perfect place to relax. When having coffee or a cup of tea ask for a local sweet snack – Carajito del Profesor.

Day 4

On your way you will meet typical Asturian villages. You will notice that all houses have “hórreos” or “horrius” – typical granaries built in wood or stone. In Asturias they are wooden, further on, in Galicia you will see how they change into stone constructions. In 13th century the king Alfonso IX indicated Tineo as an obligatory stop on the Original Way, and he decided that those who would try to find alternatives ways would have been punished.

Day 5
Pola de Allande

A long day on the Camino, especially the last so called “leg-breaking” 11 km from Borres to Pola de Allande. Pola de Allande is a small town picturesquely surrounded by mountains. Once this place was much more crowded, but the emigration at the beginning of the 20th century changed the human landscape. Many of those who remained, work for the mining industry.

Day 6

Short, hard and spectacular ascent before reaching Puerto del Palo. All Spanish pilgrims tell that the name couldn’t be more adequate, as “palo” in Spanish means “stick” but also a very annoying situation that you are not keen on facing. Anyway, it is worth the effort. Marvelous landscapes will be a natural reward for your “palo”.

Day 7
Grandas de Salime – Castro

Today you will descend to the Salime reservoir. More than 7 km (4,5 miles) of continuous descent are a relaxation for the lungs, but not such a pleasant experience for the legs. Grandas is the last stop in Asturias region. You can visit the beautiful church from 12th century and the Ethnographic Museum.

Day 8
Pobra de Burón

The modern Camino will lead you to Fonsagrada, but the truth is that the real Camino passes through that small village called A Pobra de Burón. Once you cross the border between Asturias and Galicia in O Acebo and arrive to Paradanova, you will have to pay attention and follow the direction opposite to Fonsagrada. In the Middle Ages A Pobra de Burón was a very important place, the proof are ruins of the castle built in 15th century. Now only the tower is remaining.

Day 9 - 10
Cádavo Baleira – Castroverde

The way to the next stop is long – 27 km (16,5 miles). Hard to divide, but at this point of the pilgrimage you will deserve a break. The break will mean 2 days in a beautiful rural house off-route. Don’t worry, you will not get bored at the Galician countryside, the owners of the guesthouse are full of energy and will find you something interesting to do. And if you don’t want to take a day off, the owners of the guesthouse will pick you up after your first 15 kms and next day let you do the rest of the stage.

Day 11

The last and longest day. Today almost 30 km (18 miles) will expect you before you reach Lugo. Lugo is one of the 7 biggest towns in Galicia and it is the only city in the world to be surrounded by completely intact Roman walls, which reach a height of 10 to 15 metres (33 to 49 ft) along a 2,117-metre (6,946 ft) circuit. We know that you will have enough of walking, but a short evening walk along the top of the walls will be a unique experience to say goodbye to the Camino

Standard Accomodation May – Sep. Oct. – April
  • Hotels ** and ***
  • Boutique Hotels
per person shared 570€ 550€
single sumplement 385€ 370€


Extra nigths May – Sep. Oct. – April
Oviedo per person shared
single suplement
Lugo per person shared
single suplement


1 Person 2 Persons
Luggage Transfer 180€ 180€

Check Flights to Oviedo and León

Transportation to Oviedo (Taxi 1-4px)
Oviedo Airport to Hotel ask us
León Airport to Hotel 280€


Transportation from Lugo (Taxi 1-4px)
Hotel to A Coruña Airport 100€
Hotel to Santiago Airport 120€


The basic package includes:

  • Lodging in private inns: private room with en suite bathroom and breakfast included
  • Phone attention in Spain 24/7 while walking your Camino
  • Taxes
  • Maps of the places where you will stop
  • Official pilgrim passport(s) – issued on request (please note that you must request it at least 1 month before the pilgrimage starting date so we can send it from Santiago to your home address)