5th Stage Camino Frances: Sarria – Santiago

  • Camino
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Price: €380

Last 120 km (75 miles) of the French Route – the minimum you need to walk to be rewarded with the Compostela. Know Galicia with its green landscapes and Celtic and Roman architecture. Enjoy seafood, soft climate and company of the experienced pilgrims who finish here their Camino.

Day 1

Sarria is quite a modern town. It is a melting pot of new and old pilgrims – those who are about to finish and those who are just starting the shortest of the possible Caminos.

Day 2

Portomarín is located on the right bank of the River Minho. An access there looks like a stairway to heaven. The ancient Portomarín is submerged in a reservoir and the town was rebuilt on a safe hillside. The great fortress-church of St. Nicholas built in the XII century was dismantled stone by stone to be rebuilt in the center of the new settlement.

Day 3
Palas de Rei

Palas de Rei was an important place in Middle Ages where the pilgrims used to gather to face the last stages of the pilgrimage route together. The artistic richness of its area is considerable: a dozen Romanesque churches like Vilar de Donas, Castelo de Pambre (Pambre Castle) or Pazo de Ulloa (Ulloa Palace).

Day 4

The longest stage of the short Camino. It will be a big challenge to make 30 km (18,5 miles) in one day. The reward will be an excellent food. In the middle of the way – in Melide search for a place called “pulpería” to try the Galician boiled octopus. In Arzúa do not forget to ask for a regional cheese – “queso” or “queixo”. Like Spanish wines, it has its certificate of origin: Arzúa-Ulloa.

Day 5
Pedrouzo/o Pino

he most important detail of this penultimate stage is the chapel dedicated to Saint Irene. The baroque fountain is famous for its healing waters.

Day 6
Santiago de Compostela

Among the patches of eucalyptus and oaks you will meet the last villages belonging to O Pino. From the top of Monte do Gozo hill you will get the first view of Santiago de Compostela. There begins a city tour that ends at the foot of the Baroque facade of the Cathedral. The Obradoiro Square is the end and the beginning. Congratulations! You’ve just made it!

Standard Accomodation April – Oct. Nov. – March
  • Hotels ** and ***
  • Boutique Hotels
per person shared 260€ 240€
single sumplement 160€ 140€


Breaking Stages April – Oct Nov. – March
Melide per person shared 50€ 50€
single suplement 20€ 20€


Extra nigths April – Oct Nov. – March
Sarria per person shared 50€ 45€
single suplement 12€ 10€
Santiago de Compostela per person shared 65€ 60€
single suplement 20€ 15€


1 Person 2 Persons
Luggage Transfer 20€ 40€

Check Flights to Santiago, Vigo or A Coruña

Transportation to the starting point (Taxi 1-4px)
Santiago airport to hotel 120€
Coruña Airport to hotel 150€
Vigo Airport to hotel 170€


Transportation from Santiago (Taxi 1-4px)
Hotel to Santiago Airport 24€
Santiago to Coruña Airport 100€
Santiago to Vigo Airport 120€

The basic package includes:

  • Lodging in private inns: private room with en suite bathroom and breakfast included
  • Phone attention in Spain 24/7 while walking your Camino
  • Taxes
  • Maps of the places where you will stop
  • Official pilgrim passport(s) – issued on request (please note that you must request it at least 1 month before the pilgrimage starting date so we can send it from Santiago to your home address)